Shadyside Worms is a composting business that specializes in vermiculture- also known as composting worms. Located at Shadyside Nursery, we offer a variety of services to the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area.

Our flagship program is our Curbside Compost Exchange Program, a subscription-based residential composting program throughout Pittsburgh. Customers that sign up can easily dispose of their food scraps and compostable waste on a weekly basis using one of our compost buckets in exchange for fresh worm castings at the end of the subscription. We pick up on a weekly basis and offer a high-quality, organic, nutrient-tested product in return, along with personalized instruction on how to use our product in your garden, yard, or houseplants. The exchange you receive can also be donated to one of the many non-profit gardening programs we partner with, or any program of your choice.

If you have thought about composting before, or tried but were unsuccessful, Shadyside Worms would like to help you in any way we can. We find that it is better to match the needs of the household or business to whichever style of composting works best, instead of the other way around. This is one reason we love worms, they are often a perfect source of efficient composting in urban areas. If you would like to learn more about composting year round, but don’t know the best way to do it, call us or send your information by e-mail e-mail(shadysideworms@gmail.com), and we can come to your house and help you figure out how you can be a part of a sustainable city.

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Travis Leivo – Owner

Thank you for taking time to look over the website. I started Shadyside Worms 3 years ago with the help of Shadyside Nursery and a few other very supportive friends. Every season I am finding new ways to share my passion for urban agriculture with the Pittsburgh community.
My grandfather and my mother taught me how to garden growing up, and in 2003 I began gardening in Baltimore city and teaching summer programs at a local library and learning center. I wrote and taught programming about gardening and wildlife for k-6th and I began coordinating the community garden and learning center as well- working with the adult patrons and volunteers. Since then I have followed my passion for studying urban agriculture and permaculture design. I have realized that often times the science and educational opportunities behind gardening and agriculture go by the wayside. It is my goal to get as many people as possible interested in, and learning, the science behind composting and urban agriculture.