We need your help!!– Community Garden Compost Donations 2023

A huge part of our business model at Shadyside Worms is connecting Pittsburgh gardeners with local community gardens and other gardening projects around the city. Each year, a portion of our customers donate their yearly shares of compost to go to one of the many awesome gardening communities around Pittsburgh.

Last year we did 22 in ’22, and were able to donate compost to 22 community gardens around Pittsburgh. We had a lot of fresh compost to get rid of, so we brought a truck full of compost to each community garden, from Wilkinsburg and Homewood, to Greenfield, Oakland, Northside, and a whole lot more in between. This year, we want to donate our compost again- but we need your help!

Not everybody that reads this knows about their local community gardens, and while Grow Pittsburgh provides a great resource to find gardening projects around the city, it still helps to have grass roots efforts to make sure contacts are up to date, and to help find all the smaller community projects that could really use a boost with some free compost.

Do you know of a community garden that would be interested in receiving donated compost? Help us find 6 more gardens this spring to donate to. We aren’t too picky about what the garden looks like. As long as the project is meant to foster community gardening, and help bring residents together in this way, we want to help!

Please fill out the form below! All we need is a point of contact for the garden- and we’ll do the rest!

Link to our Google Form Click HERE

Interested how our 22 donations in ’22 looked? See the gallery below!

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