Why Compost? There are many reasons to compost. USDA estimates that food waste is the single largest component of municipal landfills. Food waste quickly generates methane, helping to make landfills the third largest source of methane in the United States.

Shadyside Worms composts food scraps that would normally go to the landfill. Composting is the process breaking down organic material to create a product that any garden store would be happy to have.


What is your service area for the compost exchange? Right now our service area is the east end of Pittsburgh. We are in the process of updating our maps. Let us know where you live and we can confirm.

Can I donate my food scraps for you to compost? Unfortunately when composting happens on a larger scale, there is a lot of labor and processing that goes on when turning your food waste or lawn scraps into compost. Our compost exchange offers a great way for you to dispose of your food scraps, at a great price, and when you are eligible for your compost, just let us know where you want it to go and we will get it there!

…yeah but, aren’t you just letting the food rot anyway?
Our methods of composting break down the material in an active process, turning and oxygenating the material at specific times, making sure the proper microbes are present in the compost as it breaks down, and making sure weed seeds and pathogens are eliminated through proper curing phases.

Won’t my compost bucket smell? The buckets we provide for your food scrap have a lid with a rubber gasket and four snaps to seal it up. We also include a biodegradable liner with wood chips in the bottom to tame odors. Along with these precautions we also provide information on how to prevent other bad odors, fruit flies, and other pests. .