Workshops and Consulting


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If your small business or non-profit is interested in learning more about composting, vermiculture, gardening, permaculture, or waste stream management, Shadyside Worms offers a variety of ways to educate you on sustainability.

Our workshops often times cover more than just composting. Last year we had the opportunity to be a part of a sustainability series at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Downtown and Business branch, as well as a workshop at the East End Food Co-op to discuss the current state of municipal waste streams around the country and how composting fits into different municipal systems. We have also worked with various community gardens and gardening clubs to teach classes on seed-starting, garden maintenance, and permaculture design. This year we will be scheduling a few composting and vermiculture workshops at Shadyside Nursery as well. Get in touch with us to schedule a date for your organization.


Travis Leivo started writing gardening programs back in 2004, and has written programs for ages 6-12, teens, adults, and seniors. The programming often incorporates many aspects of gardening including entomology, basic plant biology, composting, native species, soil science, and nutrition. We will work with you to build successful after-school and summer programs for kids, hands-on workshops for adults, and even programming for your employees to help everyone understand the benefits of gardening, growing, and eating locally.


If you are looking for a way to incorporate composting into your residence or small business, let us provide the assistance you’re looking for to help create a sustainable waste stream in your community. Shadyside Worms will provide you and your facility with a concise and reliable plan for waste management that could include innovative designs in compost heat recovery, research and data for educational staff training, or even on-site ecosystems that provide food for backyard animals and mushrooms for the kitchen. Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to incorporate a sustainable operation into their lifestyle and business, and be able to plan for the future.

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